State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra State, Mumbai
8th Floor, New Excelsior Building, A.K.Nayak Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400001.
Direct Second Year Engineering / Technology AY 2020-2021
Link for New Registration Process & Admissions of PMSSS Candidates Only is activated. The link is active from 07/04/2021 to 12/04/2021. Institutes are informed to admit PMSSS Candidates Only through the link provided in institute login.IF PMSSS candidate has not registered, Please ask candidate to register through "New Registration for PMSSS Candidates Only".

Login Page for Scrutiny Center(eSC)

Important Instructions for Login :

  • If you have not created Scrutiny Center please login with your Institute username and Password provided by DTE , Click on create your Scrutiny Center and then login with your Scrutiny Center username and password which you have set while Scrutiny Center creation.
  • The Institutes under Directorate Of technical Education are working as Scrutiny Center. To login as Scrutiny Center, Institutes are required to enter the Scrutiny Center code as Scrutiny Center <Institute Code>. e.g. For Institute code 1002, Scrutiny Center code shall be SC1002. On successful login, Please change the password, set the security question and it's answer and update the contact details of the Scrutiny Center officer.
  • Log Out your session properly after completing activity.

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